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Book a Day Visit  or a Few Hours visit To Our Farm &  Experience it with your loved ones.

Experience the Organic Farming Life

Book a day visit to our farm & experience the magic unfold with you, your loved ones & your friends. Our farm lands are spread across more than 20 acres . When you arrive here you shall notice the lush lush green open fields reminiscent of a typical rural village & rustic surroundings.

Experience the Magic of Our Farm – Day/Few hours Visit

  • Explore: Wander through 20+ acres of lush, green fields, evoking a charming rural village. See seasonal vegetables and learn how they reach your table. Run after free-range poultry, pick up baby lambs, feed the cows, and enjoy a bullock cart or tractor ride.
  • Learn: Kids immerse themselves in organic farming, interact with farm animals, and observe food processes, including manual cow milking. We believe these experiences are crucial for children's development, and we're always eager to answer their questions and actively engage to ensure they learn and cherish these moments.
  • Engage: Dive into fun activities like planting veggies and discovering the secrets of organic farming. Learn about natural farm processes you might not be aware of, such as why certain veggies are planted together to deter birds or monkeys, and why goat udders are covered. You'll uncover many new insights and leave enriched with knowledge.
  • Interact: Guided by our director, Mr. Bhalla, Dr. Aarti, and other knowledgeable farm personnel, eager to answer your questions.
  • Enjoy: Relish a lunch of farm-grown veggies and organic beverages (Lassi, Tea, Chaas, Lemonade).
  • Prepare: Wear shoes and casual clothing; the farm can get dusty and messy.
  • Appointment: Prior approval required for all visits.
  • Relax: Savour a holistic experience with a hearty lunch under a tree in the open fields.
  • Customize: Request special lunch preferences in advance.
  • Events: Thematic educational events for children from September to March each year.
  • Parties: Host unique birthday parties, far from typical urban playhouses, offering experiences urban children rarely get.
  • Group Lunches: Ideal for organizing adult group lunches in a serene, natural setting.
  • Charges Apply: Please note that these activities are chargeable. The fees vary for adults, kids, and staff, based on whether it's a full-day experience or a shorter activity session.
Join us for a day filled with learning, fun, and relaxation!


Near Sector 135, Behind Amity University towards Yamuna River Banks,
Noida-Greaternoida Expressway, Uttar Pradesh

  • Availability: 24/7
  • Mob. 9873001696
  • Email: info@thewaywewere.in

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