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Product Description

BABY & ADULT CHEST RUB ( Made with Bees wax , fractionated coconut oil , olive oil & our signature blen of 100 % pure steam Distilled Essential Oils )

Rs.  850/150 gm

‘ The Way we were’   ‘Naturals Baby and Adult Soothing Chest Rub’    @ rs 850 for 150 gms  is made with ingredients from nature to soothe your baby

  • Safe and effective 
  • Zero chemicals or toxins.
  • Petroleum and menthol free 
  • For infants 3 months + 
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No dyes 
  • 100 % pure and natural 

The Way We Were  Naturals Baby and Adult Soothing Chest Rub is recommended for infants two months and older aswell as Adults and is free of artificial fragrances, petroleum, and dyes, camphor ,etc . 

    Apply 3 to 4 times daily for best results 
  • Please read the instructions fine print on the bottle carefully

  • This new enhanced formula (jan 2018 ) uses  organic  beeswax , extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil and our unique blend of 6 pure steam distilled and cold press extracted Essential oils  which are diluted to ensure a soothing ,safe and effective experience to your baby or the adult .

1) Eucalyptus Essential Oil ( EO )
2) Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) 
3) Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha piperita) 
4) frankincense essential oil 
5) lemon essential essential oil 
6) Tea Tree essential oil 
7) Roman Chamomile essential oil 


  • 100 % pure , natural & organic 
  • Safe,effective and  soothing for your baby's fragile skin and overall health. 
  • Baby breathing aid especially in winters  when your baby needs a little extra to help him boost his energy , breathing and immunity.
  • H
    elps your baby to breathe better and to fight the high  pollution levels in the city .
  • Serves as an organic and safe skin disinfectant 
  • Baby sleeping aid
  • Adult fatigue and stress relief 
  • Adult appetite enhancer
  • Helps fight exercise enduced asthma in adults
  • Helps asthmatic patients to breathe

The Way We were team

Note : Our dairy and agricultural farms are located in Noida only with deliveries in Delhi/NCR.