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Product Description

Tulsi Ghee Nasal Drops

Rs.  175/10ml

Minimum Order one Rs-175


 Ghee  Nasal  Drops  Part 1
 We now introduce Desi Gir Cow Ghee Nasal drops blended with Tulsi .

1 ) Ayurveda pharmacology has dealt extensively with the use and benefits of cow ghee (clarified butter). 
2) It is chronicled - The right kind of ghee when put into the nostrils is capable of treating stubborn and recurrent sinus allergies and conditions, diseases of the eyes and brain as well as the throat. 
3) Not wrong to say - most diseases of the area above the collar bone can be effectively treated with cow ghee being dropped through the nostrils.
4) These nasal ghee drops when inhaled through the nostrils effects the entire naso-pharynx region, ocular nerves and vital nerve endings that lead to the brain.We now introduce Desi Gir Cow Ghee Nasal drops blended with Tulsi .

                                                    Ghee  Nasal drops  Part  2

 Benefits of nasal ghee drops

- Produce of  Farm - fresh Desi  Gir Cow
- Arrests premature greying
- Delays onset of Wrinkles 
- Adds luster to skin
- Helpful in dark circles, sunken & puffy eyes
- Effective against  many problems/ diseases above collar bone
- Useful in sinusitis, allergies, frequent colds, sneezing, Migraine, etc
-  Ghee applied twice a day can relieve  headaches
- Strengthens the brain, good for memory, Eye & ear Health - Helps eliminate nose bleed conditions in Children
- Ghee oleates nasal passages & helps prevent bactetia entry.

Additional effects – helps in reducing chapping of lips and other disorders associated with dryness.

Note: do not use during a cold or if nose blocked due to excessive mucus.

                                        Ghee  Nasal Drops  Part  3

               Why Ghee Nasal Drops important today ?

- High pollution causing excessive nasal dryness
- Allergies, frequent colds, sinusitis, are on the rise
- One of the natural ways to protect ourselves from environmental damage & many more reasons !

NOTE -  The power of these simple, natural therapies, practiced regularly goes a long way in good health keeping & additionally, keeps us protected to a great extent .

                                      Ghee  Nasal Drops  Part  4
Just   FYI........

1. We share with 'You All' our own journey of practical experiences.
2. Food can be our greatest Natural Medicine.
3. Food can help u manage your health better. 
4. Friends, Nature has all the answers - we just need to seek them .
5. We are all familiar with our Daadi Ma ke Nuskhe !

Note : Our dairy and agricultural farms are located in Noida only with deliveries in Delhi/NCR.