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Product Description


Rs.  RS 250/10 ML


Therapeutic ROLL ON BOTTLES @ RS 250 Each

·        10 ml liquid roll on bottles each made from COLD PRESSED  JOJOBA OIL, ROSEHIP OIL, fractionated coconut oil (FCO) & a blend of various  100% Pure therapeutic grade organic ESSENTIAL OILS

·        PRE-DILUTED FOR SAFE & EASY APPLICATION: Diluted with fractionated coconut oil (FCO) , JOJOBA OIL & ROSEHIP OIL for safe and easy topical application.


How to Use Essential Oil Blends: Application Strategies

Many apply essential oil blends to areas of high blood flow like the wrists, bends of the elbows, and the back of the neck. We suggest applying to these areas and any specific areas of concern 3-4 times per day. This is a good starting point. We recommend listening to what your body tells you - some may need more applications and some might do well with less.

Other Areas of application are directly related to the purpose / type of roll ons the particular cure/issue/illness for which it has been originally developed . Proper usage will also be indicated on the bottle labels . You can get in touch with us for further clarification .

Another popular and effective application method utilizes the practice of reflexology on the feet. Now, you don't have to be an expert reflexologist to do this! You can apply these oils anywhere on the feet or all over he feet to benefit. If you're interested in reflexology points for targeted essential oil therapy, we recommend searching the internet for foot reflexology charts.

Because our oils are pre-diluted and ready-to-apply in their convenient roll-on bottles, the aroma of the blend may not last for more than a few hours. Being in
COLD PRESSED  JOJOBA OIL, ROSEHIP OIL, fractionated coconut oil (FCO)  as a carrier oil will actually allow the essential oils to stay on your skin longer so it they can be absorbed - the main goal!


Ready-To-Apply: Why choose pre-diluted essential oil blend roll-ons?

Diluting potent, therapeutic essential oils are extremely important. Our 100% pure essential oils are diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) , JOJOBA OIL & ROSEHIP OIL to topically safe, ready-to-apply levels. You don't need to be concerned with diluting our roll-on oils. Dilution can be a messy process if you don't invest in the right tools. Skip that step and try our ready-to-apply essential oil roll-on blends.

A little essential oil goes a LONG way! More doesn't mean better - optimally safe dilution rates are best and make skin irritation and sensitivity a minimal concern.

Using our properly diluted essential oil blends, roll-ons, is important for 3 main reasons:

1.      Increases Skin Absorption
A carrier oil, like Coconut oil, Rosehip Oil & Jojoba oil will keep the atmospherically volatile essential oils from evaporating from your skin before being absorbed. So, staying on the skin longer and being suspended in an easily absorbed, moisture-rich, and skin-friendly carrier oil, your body will absorb so much more essential oil at safe levels which lessens concerns of irritation or prolonged sensitivity.

2.      Prevents Irritation and Sensitivity
Your unique skin might experience varying degrees of sensitivity when using essential oils topically. Properly diluted oils reduce the likelihood of irritation or development of sensitivity. Prolonged topical use of undiluted essential oils can cause your body to react negatively to them and develop a sensitivity. Your favorite oil could rebel against you if it isn't properly diluted. You don’t have to worry about this with our pre-diluted and ready-to-apply blends.

3.      Optimizes Effectiveness
Essential oils are strong and potent – they are certainly meant to be diluted. We provide you with pre-diluted and ready-to-apply essential oils that you can simply roll-on. Being pre-diluted, you do not need to invest in undiluted bottles of essential oils and deal with the mess and waste of blending at home.


Essential oils work best when you actually use them! It’s not easy to carry around bottles and bottles of undiluted oils to use them whenever you need. It’s also not convenient to have to get essential oils and carrier oils all over your hands when applying them.

Our ready-to-apply roll-on bottles of properly diluted essential oil blends are the most convenient way to integrate essential oils into your daily routine. They are travel-friendly and portable – put one in your purse, carry one with you in your pocket, bring one to the office in your briefcase, or take one to school in your backpack.

You’ll be ready to use your essential oil roll-on blends whenever and wherever you need and as discreetly as you choose.



1) Muscle Rub roller bottles – Helps with Sore muscles

2 ) Headache / Migraine support roll ons – supports relaxation & tensions , Eases Discomfort

3 ) Rejuvination roller bottles – Rejuvinate

4) Sacred Mountain blend – Promotes feelings of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection that are a result of being close to nature. This blend  evokes the sacred feelings found in the mountains.

5) Breathe Easy roll on bottles – Eases cold and cough, breathing and unblock stuffy nose.

6) Tummy Tamer blend rollers – for ocassional upset stomach -  roll on belly & massage in a clockwise circular motionAlso try applying to the chest following the path of the esophagus and the abdomen following the path of the large intestines.

7 ) Chill – Stress reducer & relaxing

8) Forgiveness blend Rollers -  Forgiveness is a unique blend, that is for sure! Many people will use it on the back of the next and wrists for a general mood lift. Some people who manifest emotions as physical symptoms will put the blend over that area of the body. For instance, I get a pain in my left forearm that is emotionally related. Putting Forgiveness on my arm helps me focus on the emotions causing the pain and work through them, relieving both the physical and emotional pain. 

9) Saje Sleep rollers –  promotes Sleep & cures insomnia

10) deep relax roll ons – promotes Relaxation

11) UnderEye roll on – Get rid of wrinkles and dark circles underneath the eyes

12) Anti aging roll on - – to reverse the Aging effect of skin cells

13) Bruise Blend – promotes healing to bruised skin

14) Seasonal Support – for seasonal & environmental Threats

15) Focus Blend – Helps to keep on tasks and focused

16) Clear Skin – promotes clear and healthy skin

17) Bug bite – post bite treatment - Helps soothe itching and Discomfort of insect bite

18) Cough Support – promotes respiratory health

19 ) Massage Blend – Helps support mind And body

20) fever support – promotes cooling & wellbeing

21) Memory Boost – Enhances Memory Retention & concentration

22) Toenail Health – Promotes Healthy toe nails & feet

23) Protective Blend – supports healthy body & immune system

24) Razor Relief – Promotes Healthy Skin & healing after Shaving

25 ) Stop Itching – Helps soothe & heal itchy skin

26) Skin Healing – Nourishes & promotes healthy skin

27) Sleepy time Rollers – Promotes relaxation and sleep

28) Youthful glow – promotes healthy , youthful skin

29)  Nail Strengthener  - Supports strong, healthy nails and hands

30) Natural Lip Gloss- Promotes soft and healthy lips - 2.5% dilution- Lightly roll onto lips, rub lips together.

31) Anti-Allergy roller – Protects &  prevents  from an allergy outbreak / itch /Sneeze/ cough etc  Allergic symptoms & is also used for treating post-allergic outbreaks/ Reactions

32) Acne support roller – Get rid of Acne spots

33) Face & wrinkle support – Cleanses & promotes Healthy & vibrant looking skin & helps to get rid of Facial wrinkles by oxygenating skin cells & tightening skin naturally -effects show up in a few days of regular usage

34) Body Wrinkles care – get rid of Body  wrinkles and tighten skin naturally



35) Signature Serene blends - to help calm nervousness, anxiety and tension. 

36) Signature Relief blends - to relieve pain, anxiety and nervousness. 

37) Signature Cleanse blends -to improve focus, digestion and help clear sinuses. 

38) Signature Zen blends - to decrease stress and tension and help relieve headaches

39) Signature Om blends -  to reduce nervousness, nausea and depression.                                                 

40) Signature Solace blends -to ease anxiety, nausea and the effects of over-eating. 

41) Signature Bliss blends - to boost concentration and alertness and lift mood. 




42142) 100 % PURE Essential oil Deodrants rollers @ rs 250


KIDS ( 3 months Plus) ROLLERS @ rs 250 Each

43) SLEEP TIGHT KIDDIES ROLLERS (3 MONTHS PLUS )  - Promotes relaxation & sleep - Roll on to chest and shoulders before bedtime.

44) Kids Roller - Happy Tummy - Promotes healthy digestion- Roll on belly and massage in a clockwise circular motion.

45) Kids Roller - Bug Bite- Helps soothe itching and discomfort of insect bite- Roll on and around bug bite area

46) Kids Roller - Happy Lungs- Supports respiratory health- roll onto Chest & rub in

46) Kids Roller - Owie Blend - Promotes healing and eases discomfort-Roll onto finger and gently dab on minor cut or abrasion.

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