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Wellness Advisor


                     Sanjay Bhalla

Ask Your Questions related to products & health issues. We shall try to reply all questions based on Traditional knowledge, our experiences & Modern sciences.  

We breed Desi ( Indian Breed ) exclusively only Gir Cows at our farms in Noida. The entire Green Fodder is grown in house  using the Cows dung & urine & the Cows are fed with herbs like Ashwagandha, Jivanti, Shitawari, Lemon grass, Basil & many seasonal vegetables alongwith seed residue cakes of Mustard & Sesame & Almonds…all extracted by us. The cows are not injected with any modern medications but entire health management is preventive in nature by regularly spraying Neem Oil & massaging with essential oils like Tea Tree & Lavender  with base oils as  Mustard & Sesame or Aloe vera gel. All the vegetables are also grown at the farm & are totally Pesticide Free just like the green fodder for the cows.


The regular consumption of this Milk & Vegetables has worked like Magic & clients have come back to say that they definitely perceive the difference in their decreased levels of stress, niggles & aches & an upsurge in their positive energy. Some say that it has increased their vigour & vitality. Some parents have observed positive behavioral changes in their kids.


This has further prompted us to work deeper into the ancient science of Ayurveda & marrying of herbs & herb extracts with Cows Ark etc.


We feel a lot of our chronic diseases can be avoided if we discontinue & avoid Pesticides laden foods &  also to seek a cure for every health issue in Nature itself. 

We can help you find solutions from Nature for many health issues. 


Note : Our dairy and agricultural farms are located in Noida only with deliveries in Delhi/NCR.

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