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Grains & Lentils
  • Sabut Moong Dal
    Our Price:220 /1kg
  • Pahari Urad Sabut
    Our Price:200 /1 kg
  • Corn Flour (Makke Ka Atta)
    Our Price:80 /500gm
  • Arhar Dal
    Our Price:270 /1kg
  • Alsi Seeds
    Our Price:65 /100gm
  • Unpolished Rice
    Our Price:150 /500gm
  • Polished Rice
    Our Price:150 /500gm
  • Himalayan Fragrant Red Rice
    Our Price:110 /500gm
  • Roasted Himalayan Amaranth Flour
    Our Price:130 /500gm
  • Himalayan Gluten Free Flour
    Our Price:130 /500gm
  • Himalayan Village Brown Rice
    Our Price:110 /500gm
  • Chana Dal
    Our Price:200 /1kg
  • Sabut Masoor
    Our Price:280 /1kg
  • Chana
    Our Price:280 /1kg
  • Moong Chilka Dal
    Our Price:280 /1kg
  • White Peas/Matar
    Our Price:50 /500gm
  • Esprit Basmati Rice
    Our Price:220 /1kg
  • Safed Chana
    Our Price:300 /1kg
  • Moong Dhuli Dal
    Our Price:180 /1kg
  • Whole Wheat Atta
    Our Price:80 / kg.
  • Multigrain Atta
    Our Price:350 /2kg
  • Pahadi Red Rajma
    Our Price:325 /kg.
  • Red Lentil Split / Masoor Dal
    Our Price:260 /1kg
  • Haldi
    Our Price:100 /100gm
  • Besan
    Our Price:130 /500gm
  • Soya Bean
    Our Price:150 /1kg
  • Basmati Brown Rice (From uttrakhand)
    Our Price:380 /2kg
  • Haldi 250gm
    Our Price:200 /250gm
  • Mixed Flour Mix (Atta)
    Our Price:440 /2kg
  • Barley Flour (Jau Atta)
    Our Price:150 /2kg
  • Madua Atta
    Our Price:100 /500gm
  • Soyabean Atta
    Our Price:100 /500gm
  • Urad Dhuli Dal
    Our Price:210 /1kg
  • Adzuki Beans
    Our Price:110 /500gm

Note : Our dairy and agricultural farms are located in Noida only with deliveries in Delhi/NCR.

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