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For orders call - 01147574444, SMS - 09873001696 and Email - info@thewaywewere.in

  • Pear (Nashpati)Extra Juciy
    Our Price:130 / 2pcs.
  • Orange,Extra Juicy Extra Nourish Ment
    Our Price:180 /1 kg
  • Chikoo
    Our Price:260 /1kg
  • Kiwi
    Our Price:360 /6pcs
  • Narangi
    Our Price:120 /kg
  • Pure Organic Orange,carrot,Ginger Immunity Booster Health Juice 250 ml shots
    Our Price:110 /250 ml
  • Miracle Herbal juice
    Our Price:350 /600ml
  • Black Grapes
    Our Price:600 /1kg
  • Green Grapes
    Our Price:200 /1kg
  • Jamun
    Our Price:350 /1kg
  • Plum
    Our Price:320 /1kg
  • Peach
    Our Price:350 /1kg
  • Extra Red Premium Delicious Apple
    Our Price:200 / 4pcs
  • Papaya
    Our Price:115 /1 kg.
  • Pomegranate (Anar)
    Our Price:365 /1kg
  • Pure Organic Orange,carrot,Ginger Immunity Booster Health Juice 1 Litre
    Our Price:440 /lit
  • Litchi
    Our Price:320 /1kg
  • Apricot
    Our Price:220 /1kg
  • Malta
    Our Price:35 /pcs
  • Peeled Pomegranate
    Our Price:400 /500gm
  • Mausambi Green
    Our Price:60 /kg
  • Pineapple
    Our Price:160 /pcs
  • Mango/ Aam Alphonso (Uniripened)
    Our Price:600 /6pcs
  • Watermelon
    Our Price:70 /1kg

Note : Our dairy and agricultural farms are located in Noida only with deliveries in Delhi/NCR.

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