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  • Beans Cluster (Gwar Phali)
    Our Price:60 /500gm
  • Brinjal (Purple)
    Our Price:120 /1 kg
  • Lady Finger (Bhindi)
    Our Price:130 /kg.
  • Ridge Gourd (Tori)
    Our Price:130 /1kg
  • Mooli (Raddish)
    Our Price:90 /kg.
  • Tomato (Tamater)
    Our Price:120 /kg.
  • Lauki (bottle Gourd)
    Our Price:75 /kg.
  • Deshelled Corn
    Our Price:50 /250gm
  • Onion Spring/Hara Pyaz
    Our Price:120 /1
  • Amla
    Our Price:100 /kg
  • Carrot (Gajar)
    Our Price:100 /kg
  • Cauliflower (Gobhi)
    Our Price:130 /kg
  • Rocket
    Our Price:100 /300gm
  • Dill Fresh/Soya Patta
    Our Price:60 /100gm
  • Broccoli
    Our Price:250 /kg
  • Ganth Gobhi
    Our Price:90 /kg
  • Coriander/ Dhania
    Our Price:100 /250gm
  • Garlic/ Lahsun
    Our Price:100 /250gm
  • Lobhia Beans
    Our Price:150 /1
  • Capsicum Red
    Our Price:425 /kg
  • Capsicum Yellow
    Our Price:425 /kg
  • Capsicum Green
    Our Price:150 /kg
  • Bitter Gourd (karela)
    Our Price:115 /kg
  • Haathi Chak
    Our Price:300 /1kg
  • Celery
    Our Price:100 /250gm
  • Sarso Pata
    Our Price:130 /kg
  • Zucchini Green
    Our Price:110 /kg
  • Zucchini Yellow
    Our Price:240 /kg
  • Green Lettuce
    Our Price:100 /500gm
  • Lemon Grass (Bunch)
    Our Price:125 /Bunch
  • Green Chilli (Hari Mirch)
    Our Price:10 /50 Gm
  • Lemon(Nimboos)
    Our Price:250 /kg.
  • Pumpkin (Kaddu)
    Our Price:80 / 1 kg.
  • Aloo (Potato)
    Our Price:60 /1kg.
  • Bottel Gourd (Ghiya)
    Our Price:75 /Kg.
  • Turnip (Shalgam)
    Our Price:110 /kg
  • kale
    Our Price:100 /200gm
  • Ginger/Adrak
    Our Price:50 /200gm
  • Red Cholai
    Our Price:120 /1kg
  • Pok Choi
    Our Price:260 /kg
  • Red Lettuce
    Our Price:140 /500gm
  • Bhutta (Corn)
    Our Price:50 /1kg.
  • Spinach (Palak)
    Our Price:100 /1 kg
  • Pok Choi
    Our Price:260 /1 kg
  • Cucumber-Seedless/kheera
    Our Price:100 /kg
  • Beetroot Chukandar
    Our Price:120 /1 kg
  • Tinda
    Our Price:100 /1kg
  • Cherry Tomato
    Our Price:400 /kg
  • Fenugreek (Methi)
    Our Price:130 /kg
  • Kakdi (Armenian Cucumber)
    Our Price:60 /1kg
  • Cabbage
    Our Price:90 /kg
  • Bitter Gourd (Karela)
    Our Price:90 /kg
  • Peas
    Our Price:140 /1kg
  • Onion
    Our Price:100 /kg
  • Sweet Potato/ Shakarkandi
    Our Price:150 /kg

Note : Our dairy and agricultural farms are located in Noida only with deliveries in Delhi/NCR.

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